Helping to realize the vision of FAIR research in EOSC

Reliance delivers a suite of innovative and interconnected services that extend EOSC’s capabilities to support the management of the research lifecycle within Earth Science Communities and Copernicus Users.

Open Science needs and EOSC/Reliance

Reliance services for EOSC

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Our vision

The overall goal of Reliance is to realize the vision of FAIR research in EOSC by adopting a holistic approach that manages the whole research lifecycle as a first-class citizen. 

Reliance proposes a service ecosystem based on three complementary and interconnected technologies: Research Objects, Data Cubes and AI-based Text Mining.

The services will be showcased and validated through multidisciplinary and thematic real life use cases led by three different Earth Science communities.

PB of
Copernicus Data



Data Cube

Data Cubes are considered as a reference service to provide access to data infrastructures and as a set of tools for geospatial data management, mostly related to access and exploitation of large collections of multi-temporal, multi-resolution satellite imagery.

Research Object

Research objects are semantically enriched information units that aim to account, describe and share everything about your research, including how those things are related, in a way that is understandable by both humans and machines.

Text mining

AI-based text mining and enrichment services provide means to leverage the wealth of scientific texts. They include metadata extraction, semantic annotation, content-based search and recommendation, measure of the novelty and innovation potential of a specific research.

Integration in EOSC

All RELIANCE services will be connected and integrated with EOSC AAI, in alignment with AARC Guidelines, as well as with other selected core and added-value services provided by EOSC

scientific scenarios

RELIANCE Services Portfolio for Research Lifecycle Management will be adopted by three Virtual Research Communities (VRC) in both vertical and multidisciplinary use cases and scenarios

Sea monitoring

led by CNR-ISMAR

Climate Change

led by University of Oslo


led by INGV


Sea Monitoring and Atmosphere

“If I have seen further (than Hooke and Descartes) it is by standing upon
the shoulders of giants”

Isaac Newton

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Those networks will include:

Life science communities, Industry and Public authorities

We will demonstrate to stakeholders outside the Earth Science domain how they can have benefit using our services

EOSC user communities

We are targeting all EOSC user communities for wider services adoption

EOSC Services Technical developers

To share expertise and knowledge about our services and their integration into the EOSC services framework.

Earth Science scientific communities

Using our services in thematic and multidisciplinary use cases

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