RELIANCE Project has been kicked off!

The Reliance project has been kicked off the 13 and 14 January 2021. Mr. Raul Palma from PSNC is the project coordinator. The project will be 24 Months long ending in December 2022.

New opportunities and new perspectives

Funded under H2020 EU Grant Agreement N° 101017501 the Reliance project has been kicked off the 13 and 14 January 2021. Mr. Raul Palma from PSNC is the project coordinator. The project will be 24Months long ending in December 2022. Project partners are PSNC (project coordinator – PL), Expert System Iberia (ES), MEEO (IT), Terradue (IT), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES), Oslo University (NO), INGV (IT), CNR ISMAR (IT), ALPHA (UK).


RELIANCE will extend the EOSC service offering with a set of industry-strong, innovative, interconnected services for the open, efficient, and cross-disciplinary management of the research lifecycle.

In accordance with FAIR and Open Science principles, it will adopt a holistic approach to address different research activities, spanning: discovery of and access to research data, methods and materials; extraction of valuable information from scientific literature; structuring data-driven scientific investigations as semantically rich research objects; FAIR-ness self-assessment; dynamic collaboration, sharing and dissemination considering the whole lifecycle as a first-class citizen; and supporting reproducibility, validation, versioning and reuse of research results.

 Core to the service portfolio are Research Objects as the overarching information artefact to manage research, Data Cubes for efficient and scalable structured data access and discovery, and Text Mining for the extraction of information from scientific text as machine-readable metadata. RELIANCE will pilot the services in three different Earth Science communities, fostering the use of Copernicus data and demonstrating their efficacy in real-life vertical and multi-disciplinary scenarios, and will launch an Open Call to engage other communities.

The high-TRL research-enabling services portfolio will be onboarded in ESOC following established procedures, ensuring the interplay with cross-cutting and added value services, and following a user-centric approach. RELIANCE will expose its services via APIs and libraries, enabling their use via different frontends and Jupyter notebooks.

RELIANCE brings into EOSC more than 3,000 research objects from research communities like Earth Science, represented by three project partners, but also others like Astrophysics and Bioinformatics, which have embraced research objects concept and tools, and will become the best ambassadors to enlarge and engage new communities.